by Baughman Dynasty

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released August 24, 2015

Engineered and Mixed by Thomas "Teddy" Thornhill
Assistant Engineering: Mat Leffler-Schulman
Recorded at Mobtown Studios in Baltimore, MD
Mixed at Jays Garage in Chicago, IL
Mastered by Dave McNair
Graphics and Layout: Abby Monson
Photography by Jeff Behm



all rights reserved


Baughman Dynasty Frederick, Maryland

(formerly Stag & Owl)

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Track Name: Cold and Colder
Stop an assembly line
My body has stayed behind
Behind a wall of black
You wish a thought could vandalize

So hide in the sheets
Or down in a reef
My legs are stiff
Well, hopefully they thaw

Thousands in a row
If I had control
I'd force my knees upon the ground
And say

These letters turn cold
They turn cold
They'll spread the fear out on a page,
A dark and tangled twine

Up in the trees
Stare up at the leaves
They crack and fall
But still they all will grow

A crutch to stop and start
A wind to take my heart
It stirs me up and
Colors start to show

These letters turn cold
They turn cold
They'll carve a place for you to stay
Between the curves and lines
They turn cold

Alone inside the night
Your mind is like a kite
It drifts away
Again you'll run along
Track Name: Green Writing
A bird flew in the dark
On silent wings through life and death

With only a headlight
To show the way to daybreak

In ten hours it's gone south or gone away
I'd be its guide if I could tame

As the lampposts hang down
And the moonlight descends
And the riot's outside
Or is it just the wind?

A bird flew in the dark
Through the haze of my mind

And all I can do
Is document its flight (somehow)

I won't stand it
A fall from the moon

A silhouette in danger
Framed in the night
Track Name: StarJuice
She danced when she could
Whenever she would
Not be getting pricked by pins of guilt
But that was long ago

She melted the snow
Yet had the courtesy not to blind
She lit up the night
And the stars gaze down at her

So take my mouth and let it sing
'Cause I've got nothing left to say

She loved every little thing
And even liked to sing
As long as there was a moment to be left alone
But that was long ago

She melted the snow
And a new world dawned when
She lifted her gaze
You can see the globes upon her face

She closed the blinds
So the light we radiate
Won't escape
But reflect to mingle in the air

A sea of sound
Sweeping us away
To dapple the night up among the stars

So take my mouth and let it sing
'Cause I've got nothing left to say