Fig. E

by Baughman Dynasty

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released November 3, 2015

Recorded at Electrical Audio and Jay's Garage in Chicago, IL
Engineered and Mixed by Thomas "Teddy" Thornhill at Jay's Garage in Chicago, IL
Mastered by Dave McNair
Photography by Jeff Behm at the Photon Shop in Frederick, MD



all rights reserved


Baughman Dynasty Frederick, Maryland

(formerly Stag & Owl)

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Track Name: Descent, Ascent
We are wanderers of the grass
You can only see us through a looking glass
We are explorers with hands of mud
We leave our tracks all over each other
Down the hill to the great estate
Down the path and in we break
We are wanderers; what a story we tell
Of all our visits to the deepest hell

Where the devil would fear us
And all the others draw near
Down there none of them could dare
To get it right, or get a thing

And in the firelight my descent ends abruptly
Your eyes bid me return

We are wonderers of our lives
Best of friends with space and time
Up in the sky to the great estate
Up we fly past a pearly gate
We are wonderers; like why in the hell
They would deny us and all the stories we tell

And in the sunlight my ascent ends abruptly
Your mouth says to return

'Cause I'll never know why the devil should fear us
And I'll never learn why they just cant be true

We have wondered all our lives
Left to wander with the fireflies
We are explorers lying in the mud
I'll lap it up off you
Track Name: Souls to be Rescued
You're no stranger to this foggy land and sea
So light the way yourself and lead me
With a sputtering candle in some misery
'Cause it's dripping waxy tears onto your skin

Well the wicked trees put wooden forks down
And suffocate the room and sit around
Watching flailing feet hang with no sound
And the brightest way you know is going down

The hungry crack that creep along
Will tunnel the earth beneath you
In case betrayal is in your mood

You're no damsel in distress to be rescued
And you'll never spend a night alone again
With all the countless souls who need to be rescued
On a planet where you can't escape or run

With a soggy grace you brave the sand and sleet
While everybody gawks and stands around
Waiting for something to break them from a reverie
So the only way you talk is talking down

The tunnels below will haunt your steps
And tell the world they need you
In case betrayal is in their mood


Sing a lonely song about you
Take a lonely breath to stay you
Track Name: Cretaceous
Beside the glint of triumph in your eye
The losers have to wait somewhere outside
All chilly in the rain that sprinkles discriminate-ly
On shoulders cloaked in grime
They learn to scream
They learn to hide
We learn to die

Every captain: know your place
And every captive: be not afraid
And all monsters in the dark
Will run amok and won't be stopped

And with a lie the future comes to pass
With stubborn folks awaiting in the caste
Cold months when we cry out all alone
We learn to climb out of halls of stone

Every captain: know your place
And every captive: be not afraid
And all the villains in the night,
Will you defeat them? Afraid to lose a fight

So up we fly- all the rest of us
We'll get there if we try